Gharana : Stories Through Generations

Raniwala 1881 unveils their Autumn/Winter 2021-22 Bridal Collection

Gharana by Raniwala 1881 – Stories Through Generations

The word gharana comes from the Hindi word ‘ghar’ which is derived from Sanskrit for Griha, which means ‘house’

Raniwala 1881 presents their Autumn/Winter 2021-22 campaign “Gharana”, an emotion of their values, traditions, and legacy. It’s the home that you leave behind, but the legacy that you take with you. Gharana is a celebration of their journey and the stories they brought with an essence of ancestral heritage and intricate craftsmanship. It traces the rich and exuberant craft that has been a generational prodigy for the people and their culture. Taking inspiration from the longstanding legacy of Raniwala family, Raniwala 1881 Co-founders Abhishek and Abhiyant Raniwala have created a surreal symphony between traditional and modern designs with this collection.

“Our love resides in our craft, our values, and our beliefs. We have captured the same love in our A/W Collection for 2021-22, Gharana”
Abhishek Raniwala, Co-founder & Creative Director – Raniwala 1881.

Setting up home amidst the salmon pink walls, the grand, palatial architecture of the Jaipur city draped in an appeasing pink hue, holds a story around every corner. Far-sized polki diamonds on stunning chokers and beautiful hathphools are synonymous with the lingering emotion for life and paints different strokes of belonging in the heart and mind of a bride adorning Gharana by Raniwala 1881. A spirited addition to this traditional Rajasthani jewellery is a bejewelled baju-bandhs with elaborate tassels of emeralds and kaleeras dangling from stunning bracelets. Gharana is an emotion shared by the daughters who take their ancestral lineage ahead, while always carrying their values with them.

Gharana by Raniwala 1881 holds the stories of a bride’s principles and her legacy that became the foundation for who she which is reflected on her big day.


“Flaming sparks of lustrous diamonds, with endless light glowing within.”

Sitting with poise in heavily embellished attire, looking grand yet graceful, her magnificent demeanour stands unparalleled. An Indian woman looks her most elegant self when draped in vibrant hues of our land’s most pristine colours that define the sheer gorgeousness of our cultural heritage. Paired with astounding polki diamonds covering her neck and dainty naths dangling on her nose. Raniwala 1881 bride is an epitome of regalia and immense class and grandeur that only be experienced.


“Sitting upon a lofty hill, crisp and golden as an autumn leaf.”

Her demeanour talks volumes of strength and valour yet her eyes speaks of grace and poise. Such is the bride of Raniwala 1881 owning the Gharana look. Extravagant in its making and traditional in its design, the collection reflects an Indian aristocratic taste. Far-sized polki on chokers and necklaces styled with magnificent maangteekas and stellar naths. Dainty pearled kaleeras dangling from stunning bangles completes the ancestral look for our Gharana bride.


“An emotion unveiled, a glance exchanged.”

The breathtaking hues of crimson married with the most exquisite of unparalleled art, as a bride walks towards her aisle. Each diamond, each embroidery, each glance represents her grace and sophisticated aura. She remembers her legacy by adorning the generational craft that truly makes her story exceptional.


“Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected”

Wearing the hues of a gleaming sunset, our bride stuns as she pauses to take a minute and immerse herself in all the blessings that have been passed down on her. Adorned in far-sized polki that look as splendid as the illustrious sun above, her demeanour is an epitome of grace and sophistication. Carrying the torch of her legacy and her glorious lineage behind her.