Kumari: Soul of Royalty

For Spring-Summer 2021, Raniwala 1881 introduces ‘Kumari’ to you, a collection that speaks volumes on elegance and heritage. Rajasthan is well known for its vivid lifestyle and rich culture in terms of design and architecture, and ‘Kumari’ is a striking reflection of it. An ethno – contemporary approach is the foundation of our design philosophy. Precious gemstones like Morganites, Rubies, and the Russian Emeralds are symbolic of nature’s wonderful wonders. The surreal color palette takes a center stage that reflects the tranquility of a regal evening, away from the hustle and in a safer environment. Our collection features imperial jadau sets with encrusted color stones that spark a sense of traditional value and nobility that aligns with the modern-day woman. Open setting polki with the magnificence of color stones, the collection imitates the grandeur that Rajasthan’s architecture has to offer. From engraved pillars to palatial terraced baghs, Kumari is an embodiment of traditional values & sophistication.

The collection celebrates the hues of Rajasthan, its prestigious descent, and its exquisite craftsmanship. ‘Kumari’ indulges in the new-age sensibilities fused with tradition, love, and grace. It takes inspiration from the grand architecture of Royal Havelis and Courtyards. It exhibits silhouettes of intricate details of a chalet’s chhatri, its mihrabs, and its terraced baghs. The surreal color palette takes a center stage that reflects the tranquility of a regal evening. It sets the mood to luxuriate while listening to the birds sing to a bronze sky.

She is beauty, she is brain, She sits in all her glory with her luscious mane”

To infuse the picturesque aesthetic of beauty and splendor, Raniwala1881 crafts a look that is breath-taking in all forms. Our bridesmaid adorns a choker that is handcrafted with uncut diamonds, embedded in 18 karat gold, and embellished with Russian emeralds, morganites, and pearls. Our Kumari looks stunning in the blush-pink lehenga and soft-toned makeup that goes perfectly with the grandeur of the jewels sitting on her.

An ornamented neck with kohl smoked eyes, Her elegance never fails to mesmerize”

Classy in all her pursuits, a Raniwala bridesmaid is the embodiment of splendor. Ivory saree with red accents is a statement in itself. On her neck sits three lines of intricate open polki that accentuates the elegance of her brocades. A contemporary twist with the dazzling hairband gives our bridesmaids a modern touch. Pronounced diamonds and a defined eye with a fixating glance are what make our bridesmaid regal.

“A sense of desire, she radiates power, Her aura is unparalleled, glowing in the golden hour”

A combination of warm and cool tones sets a contrasting mood. The traditional jewelry paired with Uber-chic modern glasses gives the entire ensemble a contemporary twist.

Raniwala bridesmaid is a show stopper in the powder blue hues and coral glasses with the majesty of navratanas hugging the polkis on the neck and ears. The wrist makes space for grand uncut diamonds circling each other and making our bridesmaid a royalty with an unparalleled class.

She walks with poise and grace, A bold demeanor with an exquisite taste”

A gorgeous saree in breathtakingly beautiful pastel color palette with bejeweled wrist and a splendid polki ring spreading out like a blossoming flower makes the Raniwala bridesmaid a striking vision to look at. The look calls of the hair done in a chic bun that looks effortless and makes the beauty of the color stone choker stand out.

“Face of her legacy, stunning and lovely, Adorning trinkets, striking and lively”  

Chic, sleek, and a statement look for a Raniwala lady, Navratanas are the royalties of jewelry. Blushed cheeks under a bronze sky with dazzling embroidery is what defines the look of a Raniwala bridesmaid. A fine faceted, rich navratna stone holds the arch softly while maintaining its grandeur. She is the keeper of her heritage and the face of her legacy. Colour stones that dangle from her ears and run on her fingers are the epitome of her regal personality.