Design Ideology

The Love Language of Precious Stones

At Raniwala1881, an ethno-contemporary approach is the foundation of our design philosophy. We believe ourselves as patrons and purveyors of the heritage jadau-craft but our inimitable spin is to approach it through a modern lens. We believe in narrating the rich story of India’s heritage and its traditions through our designs. We try to preserve the hand-craft of jadau by introducing and innovating various design languages while keeping the rich heritage alive. Think of it as a dip into the past with an eye on the future.

Our rich history and culture are a testimony to the fact that gemstones have been adorned for their spiritual wellness just as much as their beauty & magnificence. Apart from just being a patron of class and pride, precious stones have been used as a symbol for emotional quotient and well-being.

Love has inspired literature, music, art, even wars through time immemorial. Its power is tremendous. Diamonds and precious stones are one of those rare tangible commodities that have ever come close to challenge its superiority. Precious stones like Rubies and Emerald are synonymous with prosperity & well-being. Ruby in particular symbolizes wellness along with love. The richness of its deep red ignites a feeling of passion and encourages confidence and courage. Green & Russian Emeralds rekindle mystical powers of hope and healing. 

These stones bear transcendental beauty but their symbolism holds an even greater meaning, even today.